About Kēta

We started Kēta because we believe in the power of making your morning beverage a super tasty, super beverage. Kēta Power Base and Power Mix provide you a nutrient dense, no-carb energy supply made with high-quality whole-food ingredients including grass-fed ghee, coconut-derived MCT oil and delicious cacao butter. Small changes can yield big results. Coffee or tea made with Kēta can give you more energy, a clearer mind, and control your appetite—all without sacrificing taste.

We've perfected butter coffee at Kēta. With Power Base (blend into your favorite coffee or tea) and Power Mix (just add water and blend) you're never more than a tablespoon away from a comfort beverage with flavor and texture that is magical. It's so good you'll make Kēta part of your daily routine. 

Big plans are unfolding for our little project! At its core, our mission is to bring you the healthiest, most satisfying beverages you've ever enjoyed while making a difference in the communities where we do business. As we work to refine the Kēta experience, we’ll also be working to establish ourselves as a Certified Benefit Corporation and connect our purpose to a cause close to our hearts and yours! We’re excited to begin this journey together.

To your health,