Power Base + Brew Guide

What You'll Need

10-12 oz. of freshly brewed coffee or tea

1 TBSP measuring spoon

A vessel able to hold at least 20 oz. of liquid

An immersion blender or stand blender


Brew 10-12 oz. of your favorite coffee or tea

Add 1 tablespoon of Power Base +

Blend until frothy (30-45 seconds)

Drink up and power your day!

Troubleshooting Tips

How can I make the flavor of my Power Drink stronger?
Add or reduce the amount of water to dial in the perfect brew

How can I make my Power Drink creamier?
Drinks made with Power Base + taste best when they're well-blended with a stick or stand blender to produce a think layer of frothy foam. If your cup isn't as creamy as you'd like, try blending for another 30 - 60 seconds.

What else can I add to my Power Drink?
Try adding a tablespoon or heavy cream or coconut butter to make an even richer, tastier drink.

Can I make a Power Drink on-the-go?
We prefer a drink made with a blender, but a great on-the-go solution is to mix your Power Drink in a fully sealed thermos with a wire mixing ball placed inside. Shake it vigorously to fully combine.

Still not satisfied? Contact us, we're here to help!

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