NEW About Kēta

We love. We want.

We’re Kēta. We love coffee. In fact, we love all comfort beverages. We love fasting. Not just because it’s fashionable (though it is), but because we believe it’s good for humans. Bottom line, we’re pretty curious about most stuff that’s good for humans, and we love to share what we’ve learned. 

We want you to feel great. We want you to have more energy and better focus. We want you to master your cravings for carbs. We want you to realize your superpower and your wildest ambitions. We also want the universe to snuggle you in a warm blanket of unending positivity. And, for that matter, we want the elves of good fortune to give you the key to unlimited abundance. The first few we can help with. The last few, all we can do is hope, and we do! 

You may be wondering, who is “we” here? “We” = me + Kēta products + the humans who help produce them and get them to you. If you like something we do, it’s because Kēta products are made and managed with care by those wonderful humans.

Why Kēta?

Hard fact. Kēta makes fasting easy-ish.

It’s true, fasting has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of improving your health. It’s also a great way to open your mind. While that sounds great, I also know fasting sounds crazy hard (or just crazy) to a lot of humans.

I created Kēta to make fasting more attainable and enjoyable — whether you’re doing it for part of your day, for a week, or just doing it to impress your friends. It’s made fasting something I look forward to. I love the ritual of making the drink. I love the taste. I look forward to the way I feel. Clear headed and satisfied. Kēta makes fasting easy-ish.

Eat better. Feel better.

Kēta coffee is supercharged. It’s really tasty, gives you energy, and curbs your cravings for carbs. Kēta is also sure to melt the sleepers off your third eye, and may even activate your superpower. On a more practical level, what, when and how much you eat is a huge factor in how well you feel. Even if you’re not fasting, you’ll find that drinking Kēta coffee can help you eat better and feel better. And when you feel better, you’re more likely to eat better. And when you eat better… I think you see where this is going.

Why fast?

Thoughts on coffee and human potential.

Ever stop to think how bizarre and miraculous life is? Consider this. Right now, we’re riding in a huge spaceship — Mothership Earth — and it’s spinning at 1,000 mph as it hurtles through space along with our entire solar system which is slinging through the galaxy at almost 500,000 mph. That’s to say we're blasting through the cosmos at fantastic speed. While that thought alone turns my mind to an expanding cloud of quantum dust, what’s even more amazing to me is that our experience tells us that the earth is still and solid (which it isn’t either, btw). Are you asking yourself, “What does this have to do with coffee and human potential?” If not, maybe you should. And maybe I should get to the point, so...

Super intelligence is.

Life is amazing. More amazing than we can imagine. Mind expanding happenings include, the origins of life on earth emerging from a superheated toxic soup 6000 ft underwater,  babies of all species being gestated and born, flowers recruiting specific birds and insects into their reproductive process, and mushrooms creating massive inter-plant communications networks to manage and sustain forests. It’s no wonder humans have so much potential. Super-intelligence is happening in and all around us, and that intelligence applies to biological processes (like fasting) that promote health and healing.

Fasting makes things humm.

Science is recognizing the value of fasting for all its natural wonders. As humans evolved, nature figured out how to harness the opportunity of abundance and scarcity. When the food orgy was on, the bio-gods said, “let there be growth” (and storage of surplus energy), and when supply was dry — the bio-gods favored strengthening. 

Essentially, fasting turns on your body’s catabolic mode, which is harvesting energy from stored sources and substandard bits and bobs that can be swept up and thrown into your energy furnace. Btw, bits are worn out parts of healthy cells, and bobs are cells that are ready to be replaced. Reducing stored energy is a fabulous way to keep body mass in a healthy range, and burning bits and bobs helps keep things like your hormones, metabolism and immune health humming along.

The point. At last.

Whether it’s finding a healthier you, a more spiritual you or the you that spontaneously unfolds from the astral plane, there’s good reason to give fasting a try. At the core, it’s really about tapping into your full potential. But here’s the thing: The idea of fasting shouldn’t cause you to shiver. And it won’t, if you go into it with Kēta coffee. I created Kēta to put fasting within your reach. It’s satisfying. Curbs your hunger. And gives you something to look forward to during the fast. If you’re new to fasting, the best advice I can give is, start small and work your way up. The journey is worth it.