Power Mix + Brew Guide

Just add water to create your favorite super beverage with Power Mix +

Add 1 tablespoon of Power Mix to 8oz of water heated to 175°

Blend until frothy, 30-45 seconds

Drink up and power your day!

Store in a cool dry place. Product may separate in warm temperatures. Stir before use if needed.

Brew Tips

Tip #1

Tune the flavor/strength of your drink by adjusting the amount of water you add to dial in your perfect brew.

Tip #2

Try adding 1 tablespoon of heavy cream or coconut butter to make an even richer, tastier drink.

Tip #3

Drinks made with Power Mix + taste best when they're well-blended with a stick blender or stand blender to produce a layer of frothy foam. 

Tip #4

For a great on-the-go solution, shake your drink vigorously in a fully sealed thermos with a wire mixing ball placed inside.

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